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Holiday Homes – Tax Considerations

Holiday Homes – Tax Considerations

Australians who let their holiday homes for only part of the year should be aware of the ATO’s compliance focus on excessive holiday home deduction claims.

The ATO has released guidance on claiming deductions in relation to holiday homes.

If a taxpayer rents out their holiday home, they can only claim expenses for the property based on the proportion of the income year when the property was rented out or was genuinely available for rent. Notably, the new guidance indicates what is meant by “genuinely available for rent”. According to the ATO, factors that may indicate a property is not genuinely available for rent include that:

  • it is advertised in ways that limit its exposure to potential tenants (for example, the property is only advertised by word of mouth);
  • the location of, condition of or accessibility to the property mean that it is unlikely tenants will seek to rent it;
  • there are unreasonable or stringent conditions on renting out the property that restrict the likelihood of the property being rented out; or
  • interested people are turned away without adequate reasons.

TIP: Although it is always prudent to check things over before tax time, holiday home owners may particularly want to take the opportunity to review their circumstances and ensure that any deduction claims are made correctly before “the taxman cometh”.

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